A Helpful Hose

Ecstatic about Antistatic

Masterduct has released an extensive line of Master-PUR 100 percent polyurethane antistatic hoses specifically designed for the woodworking industry.  Since then, woodworkers everywhere are wild about the capabilities of these new hoses which are more efficient and durable than competitive products.

Woodworking Woes

Dust collection has always been a problem for woodworkers.  Employees have been wearing safety goggles and masks for decades and it wasn’t that long ago that workers picked up excess dust with their hands to remove it.  As businesses were able to mass produce products, they purchased various shop-vac bag unit systems to serve as industrial dust busters.  This worked for a while, but as businesses expanded, the bag systems became ineffective.  After chewing on table saw dust for years, many woodworkers began wondering if there was a better system out there.

Health Hazards

Several studies have found the inhalation of excessive dust particles to be hazardous to one’s health.  Asthma, dermatitis and tumors are just some of the conditions linked to inhalation of dust in humans.  Recent studies have concluded that masks are not sufficient to protect people who work in dust/particle filled environments.

Not only are these dust particles hazardous, they are also highly flammable.    Excessive dust has caused fires resulting in employee deaths such as the 14 workers that died in the Sugar Factory Explosion in Georgia in 2008.  The tragic explosion was ruled completely preventable if the company had upgraded their particle removal system.

Simple Solution

Advanced dust collection systems are now changing wood workshops everywhere.  They are designed to pull dust off the work surface as the worker operates the machinery allocating more time for finishing projects.

Clearly, the most important part of the dust collection system is the hose, because this is both the most needed and most vulnerable part of the system.  But not all hoses are created equal.

Know Your Hose

That’s where the Master-PUR hoses come in.  They are the best in the business because:

  • They are antistatic to eliminate static electricity at the source.
  • They are extremely flexible for easy maneuverability in any workspace.
  • They are flame resistant and have a smooth inside that ensures optimum flow to reduce clogs.
  • Incredibly durable, built to withstand the most abrasive substances, these hoses decrease maintenance issues and down time due to damaged hoses.
  • Engineered to outlast other hoses, Master-PUR hoses will save money in the long run they are replaced far less frequently.

The Master-PUR F series is ideal for dust collection and applications that demand constant movement.  The Master-PUR X series is well suited for stationary applications or where movement is limited/not required.

“Static build-up is a particular concern in hoses that carry abrasive wood dust and chips, with a potentially explosive environment. In a dust collection system, the sparks caused by static build-up can be disastrous,” statement from Masterduct.  Dodge that dangerous dust and update your workshop.

Visit Masterduct, booth #9703, at AWFS to learn how high-quality, long lasting hoses save money over the long run! (713) 462-5779 • www.Masterduct.com


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